MIddle school

Each fall, every fifth grade student attending a New York City public elementary school receives a middle school application. All students must apply to middle school, including those who want to stay at their K-8 school. 

To learn more about the middle school application process, visit the DOE’s Middle School enrollment webpage.

Finding the Right Middle School

When looking for schools and programs, it is important for students to think about what will help them learn and grow—this includes their interests, learning needs, and the distance they would need to travel to get to and from their school of choice. Students applying for middle school should talk with their families, school counselors, and teachers about their application choices.

Students that are not matched to one of the school choices they listed on their applications are placed in a school with available seats that is either in:

  • Their elementary school’s district

  • The district to which they are zoned.

To learn more about NYC’s middle school options, review the DOE’s 2019 Middle School Directory. If you need additional help, visit a Family Welcome Center or call 718-935-2009, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities must also apply for middle school through the DOE’s Middle School Admissions process. Only students with Individual Education Programs (IEP) that recommend specialized District 75 programs are not required to participate in the DOE’s middle school admissions process. For more information, please visit this page.