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With more than 400 schools and over 700 programs to choose from, New York City students have many options for high school. Eighth graders or first-time ninth grade students who live in New York City are eligible to apply for admission to almost any high school in the City, and they can complete a single high school application for up to 12 high school programs. Students can also participate in a separate, optional process for New York City’s Specialized High Schools.

Finding a High School

Students who are applying to New York City’s public high schools should use the following resources to learn about all of their high school options:

  • NYC School Finder: Use the NYC School Finder on mobile or desktop devices to identify high schools of interest. Students can identify high schools based on what their interests are, where they live, and more.

  • NYC High School Directory: Students can use the DOE’s official NYC High School Directory to learn more about the high school application process and to find programs of interest in each borough. Copies of this directory are also available at City middle schools and at High School Admissions events.

  • Specialized High Schools: Learn more about applying to the City’s nine Specialized High Schools, including the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

  • Citywide & Borough High School Fairs: The DOE schedules high school fairs in the fall that allow students and families to learn more about City high schools. These fairs also allow students to get an in-depth understanding about the high school application process. In addition, fairs provide students with opportunities to meet representatives from their preferred high schools.

When looking for schools and programs, it is important for students to think about what will help them learn and grow – this includes personal interests, learning needs, and the distance they would need to travel to get to and from their schools of choice. Students should speak with their families, counselors, and teachers about their application choices.

Applying to NYC High Schools

Eighth grade students who are currently attending City schools will receive their High School Applications in the fall. First-time ninth grade students may also participate in the high school application process. Students who would like to attend another high school for tenth grade and beyond should speak with their assigned guidance counselor for more information in the fall.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities may apply to the same programs listed in the High School Directory and NYC School Finder as students without disabilities. Additionally, any testing accommodations mandated by IEPs or 504 Plans are also provided to students during the Specialized High School Admissions Test and other school-based admissions auditions or assessments. Students who are currently in a District 75 program should work with their schools to participate in the high school admissions process. For more information, please review the DOE’s Guide for Families of Students with Disabilities.

English Language Learners

English language learners receive supports in all City high schools. All eighth grade students may participate in high school admissions, regardless of their knowledge of English. Students who are interested in high school programs that are designed for English language learners should consider high schools that use a Screened: Language admissions method. Both the NYC High School Directory and the NYC School Finder indicate which ELL programs (Dual Language, Transitional Bilingual Education, or English as a New Language) are currently offered in City high schools.

Additional Questions

Call (718) 935-2009, email HSEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov, or visit the DOE’s High School Enrollment webpage.